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By no means complete, this gallery represents only a select portion of Amsel's remarkable work, including several unused designs that have, to my knowledge, only been featured within rare auction catalogs. (I'd greatly welcome any new contributions people could provide!) Credit is footnoted for all known sources.

Eddy Arnold: I Love How You Love Me
1971? (TBC)
Size and medium unknown.
One of Amsel's album covers for RCA. (I found this by chance in a second hand store in Ventura, California, and had a friend take a picture of it with his camera phone!)
This is Helen O'Connell
1972 12" vinyl double album cover for RCA Victor Records.
Acrylic & airbrush. Size unknown.
Images courtesy of Scot Ryersson (left/front) & Tony Hill (right/full).
This is Maurice Chevalier
1972 12" vinyl double album cover for RCA Victor Records.
Acrylic & airbrush. Size unknown.
This is Bennie Goodman
1972 12" vinyl double album cover for RCA Victor Records.
Acrylic & airbrush. Size unknown.
Body and Soul: Five Decades of Jazz Era Song
Date unknown - early 1970's.
Vinyl trible album cover for Columbia Records.
Pencil and mixed media. Size unknown.
Special thanks to Jeff Crawford for this image.
Tommy (inner artwork of Pete Townsend as the narrator)
Vinyl LP album cover for Ode Records with the London Symphony Orchestra and Chamber Choir.
Size and medium unknown.
Amsel was one of several illustrators who contributed to this album. It won a Grammy for Best Album Package.

The Divine Miss M (2)
Acrylic and colored pencils on board
15 x 14 1/2 in.
One of Amsel's most famous and popular pieces.

One of the challenges I've had with this site is trying to find sharp, high quality images that best represent Amsel's work. Many of the images here were either scans I made myself, or culled from images online...but when I don't have the original art available for comparison, there's a wide margin of error in how the colors are represented.

Take, for example, these two images of THE DIVINE MISS M album cover illustration. At top is a high rez pic I scanned from a catalog; beneath a smaller pic of the album itself found online. Both the artist and (especially) his subject would likely scream upon finding that a red-headed diva's locks have suddenly turned a pale, sickly dark brown! So, for completion's sake, I opted to feature both images here. This is yet another reason why I always welcome your contributions to this site.

Bette Midler (2)
Acrylic and ink on board
30 x 23 1/2 in.
Bette Midler
Final printed poster.
Bette Midler -- Clams on the Half Shell (6)
Original concept sketch for album cover.
Bette Midler -- Clams on the Half Shell (12)
A beautiful, detailed pencil study for album cover.
Bette Midler -- Clams on the Half Shell (2)
Oil on canvas
29 7/8 x 30 in.
Dorian Hannaway kindly showed me the original painting, which hangs in her home. It was one of the few pieces Amsel painted in oils, and was apparently still drying when it was handed over for photographing.
Bette Midler -- Songs for the New Depression (6)
Text from the original printed album has been digitally removed. Image courtesy of
Darrell at Bette On the Boards. Used by permission.
Kenny Rogers: Love Will Turn You Around
Acrylic, watercolor, pastels and pencils on board
14 x 14 in.
The enduring charm of Amsel's work is that while he was quite capable of drawing faces with photorealistic accuracy, he also gave them a more personal, illustrative quality. This portrait of Kenny Rogers is a good example.
The Mozart Collection
Likely acrylic, watercolor, pastels and pencils on board
Size unknown.
I came across this album cover art on Amazon almost by chance, but vaguely remember seeing it on prominent display in music stores back when I was a child. Amsel did the cover art for Time Life Music's THE MOZART COLLECTION, released in 1984 -- no doubt fueled by the enormous success of the film AMADEUS at the time. To my knowledge, this is Amsel's last known album cover.