Dec. 29, 2011
Now available on Kindle and Nook...the perfect anti-Christmas gift!

It's been a long time since I've thought about my first book, How to Succeed in Heaven Without Really Dying. When people ask me to describe it, I spell it out in the most basic way: What if the guardian angel of It's a Wonderful Life was not sent to save George Bailey, but rather to goad him into actually committing suicide?

Ironically, this premise wasn't part of my original design when I started writing the screenplay, from which the book was based. It gradually evolved into it, as I found myself pulling elements from the classic holiday film, both in homage and to give it a dark, satirical spin. This setup is only a small part of the story -- and takes place about a third of the way in -- but it captures the gist of the basic premise.

I just discovered that iUniverse has distributed the book in a new Kindle edition and Nook edition (thanks for the non-notification, iUniverse customer service!) for those of you looking to read something during your holiday travels, knock yourselves out!

Hardcover:  ISBN 0-595-67154-3 $23.95
Paperback:  ISBN 0-595-34785-1 $13.95
eBook:  ISBN 0-595-79520-X $6.00
Kindle:  ASIN: B006Q93E7U $3.99
Nook: ISBN 9780595795208 $3.19


Jan. 16, 2011
"THADDEUS THACKERAY" semi-finalist @ Amazon Studios.

I'm happy to learn that my screenplay "In the Footsteps of Thaddeus Thackeray" has been chosen as a semi-finalist by Amazon Studios, and was among their very first batch of script selections.

This particular script holds a lot of meaning to me, and over the years it's been tossed back and forth by a lot of different hands. Alas, nothing ever came to fruition. While I'm certainly not holding my breath or quitting my day job, I am pleased that many who have read the story (including this one) were genuinely entertained by it.

February 13, 2008
A tribute to artist Richard Amsel

Just in time for the release of the new INDY IV trailer, I'm finally able to post my tribute to the late Richard Amsel. Amsel was the illustrator behind the movie posters for RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, as well as over 40 covers for TV Guide.

Little has been written about the artist's life and career thus far, so I took it upon myself to create a fitting tribute. This includes an extensive gallery of Amsel's work (several of which have rarely been seen), along with revealing interviews with two of his best friends -- Dorian Hannaway, the director of late night programming at CBS, and David Edward Byrd, the legendary artist behind the posters for GODSPELL, TOMMY, and WOODSTOCK.

January 8, 2007
Positive review of "HEAVEN SPENT"

I've been so busy I kinda forgot about this... Though I'd like to say I'm simply trying not to gloat.

Around this time last year, Hollywood blogger "THE UNSUNG CRITIC" wrote some kind words about an animated feature script I wrote called IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THADDEUS THACKERAY. Now he has a few things to say about HEAVEN SPENT, a script I actually wrote years before (and was the basis for HOW TO SUCCEED IN HEAVEN WITHOUT REALLY DYING).

You can read the full review by clicking here. And I hope you will. I need some positive and happy thoughts this year. A script sale would be nice, too.

September 29, 2007

A friend once gave me a postcard that read, "Dreams come a size too big so that we can grow into them." I've since held onto that card -- it's been thumbtacked to a board near my computer for years.

Writing was not a dream of mine growing up. I wrote, elaborately and often, but it was never something that kept me awake at night, as the best of dreams and ambitions should. But perhaps writing and publishing became the smaller, more reachable dream that grew into me. Thanks to a lot of hard work and the collective efforts of some truly talented people, I can now invite you to take a look at AISLING EYE BOOKS.

January 8, 2007
The first script review of "THADDEUS THACKERAY"

Back in October, I submitted an old script for an animated screenplay to "THE UNSUNG CRITIC," a Hollywood blogger who reviews the work of undiscovered screenwriters. I never heard a thing from him afterwards, so I pretty much wrote it off and completely forgot about it.

Today I learned that IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THADDEUS THACKERAY was selected as his #1 script of 2006!

"Sometimes you read something that just has a kind of indescribable thing to it—an energy, a spirit, that you can’t really put your finger on. For lack of a better word, I’ll call it magic. And IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THADDEUS THACKERAY has magic to spare. ... These may be simple cartoon characters, but they’re all so wonderful, so rounded and charming, I somehow wish they actually existed."

Talk about a nice way to start your day. You can read the full review (and you will, won't you?) by clicking here.

UPDATE: I was just featured in a lengthy, two-part interview about the script. You can read part one here and part two here.

November 17, 2006
"HOW TO SUCCEED" a musical???

I'm happy to finally announce that I have optioned the rights to my book, HOW TO SUCCEED IN HEAVEN WITHOUT REALLY DYING.

By a major publishing house, you ask...? A movie studio...? A TV network...? No!

The answer -- while not as financially lucrative as those other options -- nevertheless strikes me as far more creatively challenging and geniunely exciting.

My book is to be developed as none other than...a stage musical!

This news has been a long time coming; I wish I could say more, but things are still in very early development. I just hope to God we're going to have fun with least as much fun as humanly possible. Stay tuned.

September 16, 2006
New review of HOW TO SUCCEED IN HEAVEN has posted this brief review of my first book -- the kind of review that feels more like a mention, where one is left to question whether the critic liked or hated it. I'm not complaining, mind you; I think any press is better than none. (But did they like it?)

February 12, 2006
"CHASING ECHOES" book website active

The website for my book with D.J. Wessler, CHASING ECHOES THROUGH THE DARK, is now active. It's a bit early, as the manuscript is still in progress, but we're hoping to gain as much interest in the project as possible over the next few months.

D.J. was recently interviewed for an upcoming article in THE ADVOCATE. As to how much he'll be featured in the final article, we're not sure...but we're keeping out fingers crossed, and hope that *maybe* they'll plug our book. Check out the book's site for more updates.

September 29, 2005
Book signing event at the West Hollywood Book Fair!

It was a super-duper last minute arrangement made just last night, and it surprized even me: I'll be participating in the 4th Annual West Hollywood Book Fair this Sunday, October 2nd! The festival is scheduled from 10am-6pm at West Hollywood Park, 647 N. San Vicente Blvd. (by the library and across the screet from the Pacific Design Center). I'll probably be signing books for an hour or so, so hopefully I'll see a few of you there. It's a really great festival, filled with celebrities, food, and fun. Unfortunately, due to the late notice I will only have paperback copies of my book available. The time of my signing is between 11:30am-12:30pm.

Promotional poster and photos from the book fair.

September 27, 2005

"There are no points for second place!"

My first screenplay, HEAVEN SPENT, written back in 1999-2000 (and the basis for HOW TO SUCCEED IN HEAVEN WITHOUT REALLY DYING), was selected as a second place winner at the 3rd annual WORDS FROM HERE screenwriting competition! Now if only someone would buy the damn thing...